This is my documentation for my 5 spänn in Drachenwald 30 day challenge (facebook group)


1) Learn something new (duh)
Learn more on the subject Drottning Margareta, partly for an adventure that I’m making for my Barony Styringheim, partly for the fun of it. Why her? Well, she is one of the coolest persons in medieval Scandinavia, if not THE coolest!
Aim for the first 15 days: basically reading up on all I have time to learn about her.
Aim for the rest of the period: read even more, and putting it in context, come to my own conclusions about her and her era.

2) Write more texts in English, if I don’t write something here every third day, then shame on me.
3) Start a public blog (this is my old private blog I started a year ago, hence the existence of other texts. They are not so fun to read, and in Swedish, so I have put them under a login)
4) Get better at WordPress

and most important:
5) motivate myself to become more active in the SCA


From the group description:

  • Are you up to a challenge? Pick something you want to improve and do that for 30 days, preferably consecutively. When you start, write your challenge here. If you can take a photo of your first day effort and post it too. When you are finished with the 30 days, write a post detailing how many days it actually took, how have you improved and post a picture of the last day results if you can.

    Your challenge can be anything you want: calligraphy, brocade tablet weaving, conditioning for that bear pit tourney, drawing a new but still too stiff bow… Whatever you want. But just do it.


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  1. So, how did it turn out? I did not do 30 days of work on this, but I got information about her enough to make a rather neat little adventure, if I may say so myself. And I may.


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